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One of the most critical aspects of maintaining our independence as we get older or face health challenges is taking medications correctly.

Our Medication Management Services

Few people realize it, but medication management issues are a real risk to the physical and emotional well-being of in-home patients.

For instance, according to the NCBI

  • In the U.S., nearly 3 million older adults enter nursing homes every year due to drug-related issues.
  • Nearly 30% of all hospital admissions for older adults in the U.S. are drug related.
  • American older adults released from the hospital are more likely to be re-hospitalized during the first six months after discharge if they are on more than five drugs.

This is precisely why it is so important to receive care from professional nurses who understand the dangers of missed medication, double dosing, and adverse reactions.

When your daily medication regime only involves one or two pills a day, managing your medications can seem easy. But, when you need to manage a medication schedule that involves multiple pills a day, it can get complicated fast.

Our skilled staff can help:

  • Evaluate the patient’s current prescribed and over-the-counter medication regime
  • Assess prescriptions for duplicate medications and potential adverse drug interactions
  • Develop a medication schedule/process that is safe and compliant
  • Educate the patient and family on proper dosage, frequency, and side effects
  • Assess therapeutic response to medications
  • Communicate with the physician and pharmacy to coordinate medication refills, changes, and updates


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If you or someone you know needs help managing medication, contact us today for an in-home consultation. Our medication management program is designed to keep home care patients where they want to be—in their homes.

During your visit, a Med Group Home Health Care Agency registered nurse will evaluate your situation, assess your needs, and develop a care plan to help.